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No Tablet Left Behind: The E-Waste Impact of 1:1 Devices (INFOGRAPHIC)

No Tablet Left Behind: The E-Waste Impact of 1:1 Devices

Posted April 22, 2013 by Kelly Sieber in Environmental Literacy, Fundraising, Recycling

5 Ways to Go Green in 2013

Let’s be honest. New Year’s resolutions are easier said than done. Our promise to eat less donuts fizzles when we see that bright red light glowing at Krispy Kremes on our morning commute. It’s a slippery slope, and a crime we are all guilty of committing  But what if we sincerely aimed to be more resilient not just for the first week or the month, but for years and beyond? FundingFactory encourages you to do just that with a resolution to recycle in the New Year and for years to come. Here are 5 new and fun ways to reduce your personal impact on the planet by going green in 2013.

Don’t Waste at Work or School

The simplest way to start recycling is to place recycling bins in each office, break room, and conference room. Since paper is the most common recyclable found in an office or school, make sure there are surplus recycling bins on display for it. You could even buy renewable energy credits to offset your energy use. At FundingFactory, we want to lead by example. Learn how FundingFactory goes waste free, and try applying some of our techniques to your workplace or school today.

Choose Recycled Options

Nowadays you are able to find all sorts of green alternatives. You can make it a resolution to purchase more secondhand options or products that come in recycled packaging. Even Levi’s is getting on board with the green movement. In 2013, they plan to launch a line of jeans made from recycled plastic bottles. These recycled options may not be the cheapest, but they are easy to find and are made with good intentions.


If you’ve never heard of upcycling, you are missing something incredible. Upcycling simply means to change the way to you see trash or waste. You can find plenty of examples of upcycled art that are certain to inspire you to give a second life to something like plastic bottles. When you upcycle, you are keeping waste out of landfills and giving it some practicality.

Try A Little DIY

There’s no greater thrill than doing something yourself, and being able to show it off. Now more than ever, people are opting for more DIY crafts because they are cost effective and distinctive. Reduce waste and treat yourself to a unique light fixture or holiday decoration crafted out of something you normally wouldn’t think about twice.

 Recycle E-Waste with FundingFactory

By supporting recycling enterprises like FundingFactory, you help the planet and still have your free time. It’s easy to collect e-waste items  like printer cartridges and small electronics and turn them into cash and rewards for your school or organization.


By taking the green actions above, you will surely make 2013 the greenest to date!

How are you going green in 2013? Leave it in the comments below.


Register with FundingFactory today to join the green movement by recycling with the nation’s largest free fundraising-thru-recycling program. In 2012 alone, our participants kept more than 3 million units of e-waste from ending up in landfills!




Posted January 9, 2013 by Sarah in Environmental Literacy, Recycling

6 Ways to Go Green This Halloween

Have you ever paused to think about how you can be less wasteful for Halloween? Let’s be honest. Sometimes we’re distracted by our busy lives and resort to quick and convenient versus eco-friendly. This Halloween, let’s slow down and dare to blend some green in with the orange and black, because unnecessary waste is much more terrifying than witches or zombies.

Tip 1: Make a Spooky Statement in a Homemade Costume

Check out this cutie! He dressed up as WALL-E, but instead of buying a costume, made one using old computer boxes and packaging material! It’s scary, (in a good way) how crafty you can get with creating a unique, homemade costume all your own. Plus, you can guarantee you won’t have to fret about showing up in the same costume as everyone else. Hit up thrift stores, yard sales, or even your friends wardrobe to assemble your costume. Eco-friendly costumes are simpler to make than purchasing one because they don’t contain harmful chemicals or lingering waste. Win a costume contest with any of these homemade options!

Tip 2: Give Eco-Friendly Treats 

It’s estimated that that the average American ingests 1.2 pounds of candy on Halloween. That’s a lot of Fun-Size Twix and Starbursts! This year, skip over the packaged candies and pick up some treats with little or no packaging. If you really wanted to be extra green, you could forget candy altogether and pass out practical treats from the dollar store like playing cards or coloring supplies. Have some extra time? Give those trick-or-treaters something extra special like roasted pumpkin seeds or popcorn balls. Dress them up in recycled paper, and you’ll have saved the planet extra packaging waste!

Tip 3: Walk Instead of Driving

There will roughly be 41 million princesses, pirates, and pop stars venturing out into your neighborhood to trick-or-treat. With that many kids running around, why not join them? Every two minutes of car idling consumes the same amount of gas required to drive approximately one mile. Make it a family affair and walk the neighborhood together. Remember you have 1.2 pounds of candy to burn off!

Tip 4: Dress-up Your Haunted House with Homemade Decorations

Don’t waste your time shopping for decorations you’ll use once and then toss. Decorate for Halloween with what’s already around you. Visit a farmers market to stock up on cornstalks, hay bales, and pumpkins. With the beautiful autumn leaves as a backdrop, your Halloween scene is set! Get extra points if you upcycle decorations. We have all seen these gallon ghosts  illuminate driveways and front porches. If you must buy decorations, purchase ones you can reuse ever year. Also, avoid plastic decorations that can house toxic chemicals like BPA and PVC.

Tip 5: Compost That Jack-o’-Lantern For Next Year

Halloween is an excellent time to try composting! Use any organic material around your house or yard like leaves, food scraps, and even those decomposing jack-o’-lanterns! Grow your pumpkins for next year, with your pumpkins from this year! You’ll be helping to cut down on the 1.1 billion pounds of annual pumpkin waste by composting yours, and saving a few bucks next fall when you grow your own pumpkin patch.

Tip 6: Maintain the Momentum

Living a green lifestyle shouldn’t stop on November 1. There are countless ways to reduce waste and help the planet each day. You’ll find how simple it’s to make eco-conscious choices, and apply them to all holidays and aspects of your life.

Don’t be sacred, you can do it! 


Remember how we suggested applying green initiatives to your every day life? Why not start with us? FundingFactory is a 100% free fundraising-thru-recycling program that pays you for your printer cartridges and small electronics. Since  1997, we have made quite an impact.  Register and start greening your school, community, or nonprofit today!






Posted October 19, 2012 by Sarah in Environmental Literacy, Green News, Recycling

Top 5 Ways FundingFactory Celebrates EcoMonday

Happy EcoMonday everyone! Twitter is abuzz today with info about how you can be more green. Here at FundingFactory, every day is EcoMonday!  If you didn’t know, FundingFactory is the premiere recycling fundraiser serving schools and nonprofits since 1998. Learn more about us here.

We are constantly applying earth-friendly initiatives throughout our office and warehouse to ensure we practice what we preach. Here are five ways that FundingFactory has chosen to lead the eco-revolution by example:

  • In 2011, 99 percent of everything that came into our facility was recycled. That statistic includes not only includes the e-waste that you send in, but also the cardboard boxes, filling, and plastic that you ship it in.
  • In our break rooms we have four bins: plastic, paper, aluminum, and landfill.
  • We reuse plates, cups, and silverware. No paper or plastic here!
  • We partner with organizations that make sustainability a priority.
  • We installed auto off switches in all areas of the building. If there is no movement in an office or specified warehouse area for 15 minutes or more the lights automatically go out saving electricity daily.

How simple are those? Consider applying these green initiatives to your school, business, church, or nonprofit! Those initiatives have given us R2 (Responsible Recycling), and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certifications. FundingFactory has rescued more than 40 million pounds of e-waste from being landfilled.


Looking for a way to fund a field trip this year? How about purchasing a new printer in the copy room? Maybe you need some renovations completed at your organization? Let FundingFactory help you accomplish those tasks by using our fundraising-thru-recycling program. Review our Qualifying List to see the  items we recycle. It’s items like printer cartridges and small electronics can spell cash and rewards once you resister!

Posted July 23, 2012 by Sarah in Environmental Literacy, Recycling

Myths and Excuses About Recycling

We recently read an article posted on Harvard University’s website presenting common myths and excuses when it comes to recycling. Here’s our top three of each that should be addressed and stressed.

Myth: People walk around the landfills  to pick up recyclables.

Don’t second guess it. Everything that gets placed at the end of your curb goes to the landfill, unless it is in a recycle bin. There is no one gallivanting through landfills sorting the recyclables from the trash. It is simple to add an additional bin at your home, office, or classroom for recycling. Help the planet: Sort your trash from recyclables. Period.

Myth: You can’t recycle any paper besides white.

The only restrictions when it comes to recycling paper are: thermal, laminated, stained, and waxy papers. Besides those exceptions, just about any type of paper is able to be recycled. Items include: catalogs, envelopes, cardboard, construction paper, magazines, copy paper, and newspaper.

Myth: Using an incinerator is a green option because you are burning the trash for electricity.

The incineration process may produce electricity, but it releases greenhouse gases and other pollutants into environment.  That mess can be averted by packing and sending out the trash you planned to burn to be recycled. This leaves the world a little greener.

Top Three Inexcusable Excuses

Excuse: We have plenty of room for landfills.

Most landfills have less than 20 years capacity. That is what makes recycling so significant in the petition to preserve the planet. The area of the nation that raises high concerns is the northeast, where landfills are expected to max out and close within the next 10 years. If that happens, our only option is to send the garbage elsewhere increasing the cost of trash pickup and dumping.

Excuse: Our recycling efforts are as good as can be.

It is amazing how much recyclable material in the nation gets tossed. If manufacturers bring the convenience of recycling to households and organizations, we could increase the national recycling rate (currently 28%) and decrease landfill waste. According to the blog, 73% of glass containers, 77% of magazines, 66% of plastic soda and milk bottles, and 45% of newspapers are not recycled.

Excuse: There is no reason why recycling should be an expense.

If not for recycling efforts, one million Americans would be unemployed. The job opportunities are 10 times higher than in waste management. The costs of operating incinerators and landfills are higher than recycling programs.  Through the help of recycling programs, companies like Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, and the U.S. Postal Service have been able to cut back landfill waste and save millions of dollars. With the rate the nation is recycling, 9 million homes per year are able to be offered electricity.

See why it is important to clear up myths and banish excuses? Recycling is important! Do your part to help the environment today by registering your nonprofit, business, school, or church with FundingFactory!

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Posted July 2, 2012 by Sarah in Environmental Literacy, Recycling

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