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Let’s be honest. New Year’s resolutions are easier said than done. Our promise to eat less donuts fizzles when we see that bright red light glowing at Krispy Kremes on our morning commute. It’s a slippery slope, and a crime we are all guilty of committing  But what if we sincerely aimed to be more resilient not just for the first week or the month, but for years and beyond? FundingFactory encourages you to do just that with a resolution to recycle in the New Year and for years to come. Here are 5 new and fun ways to reduce your personal impact on the planet by going green in 2013.

Don’t Waste at Work or School

The simplest way to start recycling is to place recycling bins in each office, break room, and conference room. Since paper is the most common recyclable found in an office or school, make sure there are surplus recycling bins on display for it. You could even buy renewable energy credits to offset your energy use. At FundingFactory, we want to lead by example. Learn how FundingFactory goes waste free, and try applying some of our techniques to your workplace or school today.

Choose Recycled Options

Nowadays you are able to find all sorts of green alternatives. You can make it a resolution to purchase more secondhand options or products that come in recycled packaging. Even Levi’s is getting on board with the green movement. In 2013, they plan to launch a line of jeans made from recycled plastic bottles. These recycled options may not be the cheapest, but they are easy to find and are made with good intentions.


If you’ve never heard of upcycling, you are missing something incredible. Upcycling simply means to change the way to you see trash or waste. You can find plenty of examples of upcycled art that are certain to inspire you to give a second life to something like plastic bottles. When you upcycle, you are keeping waste out of landfills and giving it some practicality.

Try A Little DIY

There’s no greater thrill than doing something yourself, and being able to show it off. Now more than ever, people are opting for more DIY crafts because they are cost effective and distinctive. Reduce waste and treat yourself to a unique light fixture or holiday decoration crafted out of something you normally wouldn’t think about twice.

 Recycle E-Waste with FundingFactory

By supporting recycling enterprises like FundingFactory, you help the planet and still have your free time. It’s easy to collect e-waste items  like printer cartridges and small electronics and turn them into cash and rewards for your school or organization.


By taking the green actions above, you will surely make 2013 the greenest to date!

How are you going green in 2013? Leave it in the comments below.


Register with FundingFactory today to join the green movement by recycling with the nation’s largest free fundraising-thru-recycling program. In 2012 alone, our participants kept more than 3 million units of e-waste from ending up in landfills!




Posted January 9, 2013 by Sarah in Environmental Literacy, Recycling

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