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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s a time to step back and start thinking about others. If it’s donating to favorite charities, buying a child a toy or even donating time at a soup kitchen… a little effort goes a long way!

That’s why, this November, FundingFactory is boosting e-cycling all month long by asking our participants to “Care2Collect Just 1” cartridge, cell phone, or small electronic. “Care2Collect Just 1” is also inspiring to feed the hungry all throughout the US. Alongside every recyclable, we’re encouraging supporters to donate one canned good or nonperishable food item to be donated to their local food bank.

Click here to download your “Care2Collect Just 1″ Promotional Kit!

While we’re greening America, we’ll also feed hungry Americans. FundingFactory will donate $1 to Second Harvest Food Bank for every 100 qualifying items received November 1-30. Join our efforts to collect 300,000 items to recycle and donate $3,000 to feed our neighbors.

Do you want to get involved but are not yet registered to recycle inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics with FundingFactory? Don’t wait another moment, sign up today to receive your free Jump-start Guide!


Posted October 31, 2012 by Sarah in Contests, Recycling

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  1. Very Nice! You efforts putting this blog together was worth the while. Nice work Sarah.

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