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Need an easy way to raise money and stay green? Kelly tells you everything you need to know about FundingFactory in only one minute! Watch the video below, and visit our website to get started!

Time to go green!

Together, FundingFactory and our participants have made a HUGE impact on the environment by keeping over 40 MILLION LBS. of cartridges and electronics out of landfills. We now offer sustainability reports for each organization, so you can track your impact!


Since ’97, more than 50,000 schools, charities, churches, and clubs in the continental United States have collectively earned over $31 MILLION in cash and rewards through our fundraising-through-recycling program. Our website now makes it easier than ever to set and achieve your fundraising goals!

How it Works

You COLLECT used printer cartridges, cell phones, and other small electronics, SHIP them to us, and EARN money for organization! Once the items are processed, they’ll show up in your online account!

We accept more than 85% of the cartridges used in today’s market, and now we’ll also pay you for your items even if they’re remanufactured or damaged during shipment!

Contests and Promotions

We have an entire year of contests and promotions! Participants can win iPads, cameras, gift cards, and MUCH more!

100% FREE

We’re 100% FREE! FundingFactory provides you with free collection displays, shipping boxes, labels, posters, flyers, handouts, and everything else you need to get fundraising NOW!

For more information, access to contests, and news, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

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