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Hot off the presses! FundingFactory’s NEW pricing structure PAYS YOU MORE! That’s right! As of September 1, 2012, we’re paying minimums for qualifying toner cartridges, all cell phones, and any product type we accept!

  • $1 Minimum for Cell Phones
    That’s ANY cell phone. The bad. The old. The broken. Even the remanufactured.
  • $1 Minimum for Qualifying Toner Cartridges
    If it’s on our Qualifying List, not broken, and not previously remanufactured, it will automatically earn you $1.00. If the actual value is higher, you’ll earn the highest price!
  • 10₵ Minimum for any product type we accept
    You’ll never again see a zero value for your item! We’re paying 10¢ for any printer cartridge, GPS device, iPod, MP3 player, digital camera, laptop, or other currently accepted small electronic, REGARDLESS OF CONDITION. That includes remanufactured and damaged items!

By paying more rewards, we hope to help your organization become an even bigger fundraising superstar! Don’t wait—start earning more toward your 2012 fundraising goals today. And don’t forget to share this big news with friends, family, coworkers, staff, and anyone else who may benefit from MORE REWARDS from FundingFactory.

Not yet recycling with FundingFactory? We’d love to help you earn cash for your cause with our 100% free Fundraising-thru-Recycling program. Visit FundingFactory.com to learn more or register your organization today.

Posted August 30, 2012 by Sarah in Bonus-onanza!, Fundraising, Recycling

  1. marie dante said:

    I work at a school and l need to find an easy, no cost to me fundraiser. I am a team manager of a Destination Imagination team. We need to raise money in order to participate in regional tournament due to budget cuts. I would love to have more information sent to me about your program.

    • Erika said:

      Hi Marie,

      Our program is free, so I suggest registering for FundingFactory to receive a Jump-start Guide. It provides a full program overview, as well as promotional materials and shipping materials to get you started. There is no obligation if you register! Go to http://www.fundingfactory.com/register/register.aspx to get started. Good luck!

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