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The creative minds at FundingFactory have been researching for the past few weeks to provide you with five new fundraising ideas to cancel out the cliche candy bars and magazine subscriptions. While those can be effective, there are other options that may better suit your organization.

Today, we’ll introduce you to The Top 5 Types of Fundraising in a video,“The Funding Five.”

#1 Collecting For Cash
Gather recyclable or “upcyclable” items and send them to a reputable collector. For example, Terracycle, takes candy wrappers, old keyboards, mice, all of which will then be used to make new products. Here at FundingFactory, our program gives you cash for your used printer cartridges, cell phones, and other small electronics that can be remanufactured and reused in order to keep them out of landfills.

#2 Auctions

They can be silent like a Chinese auction, or live like a photography auction. You can even raffle off tickets for the best parking spot at school. One of our facebook fans, Paula G., hosts an Annual Art Auction at her school. Each class creates a unique piece of art that gets sold to the highest bidder. This fundraiser can erupt into a massive bidding war, as many parents vie to own their child’s artwork.

#3 Competitions

Many schools enjoy channeling competitive energy into fundraising contests between classrooms, grades, or rival schools. The class that collects the most printer cartridges gets or a week of casual dress passes. How about having the student groups get creative by designing shirts surrounding a chosen theme. The most shirts get a pizza party. Diana U., a dedicated FundingFactory participant from Petaluma, CA, puts on a yearly e-waste collection competition between her students. The two highest collecting classes earn an ice cream party at the end of the school year. By providing some sort of special incentive, you will see a noticeable difference in people and their willingness to get involved.

#4 Event

Hold a dinner where students serve the food for their parents and donors, or host a movie day like Ann R. She mentioned on our facebook page that her school transforms into a theater for the students, who pay to watch brand new films, sometimes before they have even had a chance to see them in the theater! Candy and popcorn are also sold for some extra profit. These kinds of events can be fun and very beneficial to your budget with enough participation.

#5 Loyalty Programs

Companies like Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education donate money to organizations when they receive proof of purchase from their products. Escrip also offers such a program, where parents can register their credit and debit cards to rack up points for their school just by shopping as they always have.

BONUS! An Additional Way to Fundraise:


EcoBuddies™ is FundingFactory’s premier recycling curriculum and fundraising program created especially for the preK-5 classroom. Designed by The Education Center, makers of The Mailbox® and Learning® Magazine, EcoBuddies™ curriculum supports greening and fundraising efforts in YOUR classroom! These friendly, colorful e-waste fighting characters help engage students while at the same time help them to understand why recycling helps the planet.

There you have it! Five new fundraising ideas at your school organization We hope that “The Funding 5″ inspired you to toss around some new creative fundraising ideas of your own!


Become a FundingFactory participant today and register for our free recycling fundraiser. Collected used laser cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics for points for cash!

Posted June 12, 2012 by Sarah in Fundraising

  1. David said:

    While these ideas have a certain appeal, the traditional fundraiser consisting of selling an appropriate product line for your group is still the best way to generate the most profits. I know it has been around forever, and the tendency is to “be tired of them”. They just simply produce more money. That is why so many people still – begrudgingly at times – do them.
    full disclosure…I own a fundraising service company serving schools

  2. Mom in the Burbs said:

    The above commenter is absolutely incorrect. My elementary school does a walkathon each year, where the kids get pledges from family and friends to exercise on a certain day. The walkathon has a theme, and the kids love getting a little extra exercise on the day of the event. We earned over $10,000 on the event, and didn’t have to sell, store, or distribute any product. And best of all, 100% of revenue stays with the school, rather than paying for product or going to a salesperson. Times are tough, and parents want to know their money goes to the school, not some company.

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