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When she's not blogging for FundingFactory, Sarah is staying on top of the most current trends in educational technology and green news to share with you on Twitter and Facebook. In her spare time, Sarah is learning how to knit a hat, practicing her German, and re-watching Star Wars.

We Fund Your School. Syllabuy Funds YOU!


Syllabuy, FundingFactory’s educational marketplace, is officially open for business! What does this mean for participants?

A New Way to Earn for Teachers

As a member of FundingFactory, you know that recycling e-waste turns trash into cash for schools nationwide. If you’re a teacher, these funds can turn into classroom technology, school supplies, or pizza parties and field trips! Starting today, we’re offering another way for teachers to benefit – Syllabuy.co.

Now, you can earn beyond your paycheck when you “recycle” your own classroom activities on Syllabuy, FundingFactory’s new education marketplace. Why not? There are more than 15,000 participants with $3 million ready to spend on your original products!

Curriculum developers, teachers, and graphic artists can set up “shops” to sell or share their original, valuable activities, guides, designs, and more! Simply register, set up a shop, and start selling!

Funding YOU

The money earned on Syllabuy funds you, its creator, not your FundingFactory account. Your sales information, product management, and other features are all controlled on Syllabuy.co, and when you have earnings, you’ll be paid via PayPal from Syllabuy, each month.

Speaking of payment, Syllabuy’s “Free Fall” promotion will have you earning 100% commission and pay no transaction fees until 2015 when you register and start selling!

You’ll also have a chance to earn some serious Syllabuy SWAG as you add products to your shop between now and October 31, 2014. Only the first 500 people will qualify:

  • Upload 10 products to earn a Syllabuy Notepad
  • Upload 25 products to earn a Syllabuy Notepad AND Mouse Pad
  • Upload 50 products to earn a Syllabuy Notepad AND Mouse Pad AND American Apparel Syllabuy T-Shirt

With so many ways to spend and earn, you owe it to yourself to give Syllabuy a try!

Ready to make some extra cash this year? Head over to Syllabuy to set up shop.

Posted August 29, 2014 by Sarah in FundingFactory News, Syllabuy

5 Tips for Launching FundingFactory at Your School


Congrats! You’ve just registered your school for FundingFactory, the nation’s number one recycling fundraiser. You may be asking yourself: How can I make my program successful? These five tips will get you started on the right foot!

Put the “Pal” in Principal

If there’s anyone at your school you want on your team it’s the principal. Have your elevator speech prepared so you can successfully share your thoughts on why e-waste recycling specifically will benefit the school, and ask what you need to get the process going. Need a plug on the morning announcements? The principal is your pal!

Set a Goal and Show Your Progress

Be visual! Nothing communicates like posters, flyers, signs, and more! When you can see the beginning, middle, and achievement of the goal, it puts the eco-endeavor in perspective and energizes the recycling team. If your goal is to get an interactive white board, put a model on display next to your process chart, and watch your goal get closer and closer!

Involve the Teachers

Every teacher inspires their students. Get them on board as a recycling ambassador for your fundraising project! Hold a meeting with the faculty, bring along your pal, the principal, and tell them your fundraising goal. Let them know how they can effect change by encouraging their students to participate. If they need a curriculum tie-in, EcoBuddies common core lesson plans are sure to seal the deal!

Put Students in Charge

Long time FundingFactory participant Manteca High School, in Manteca, CA, chose to make the students their eco-voice by giving them the power to promote the school’s recycling efforts.  Members of the Environmental Science Club will walk into tutorial classrooms and talk about recycling a few times a month. They cover specifics like the school’s fundraising goal, why recycling is important, and where the Qualifying Item drop-off locations are throughout the school.

Reward Efforts

Everyone deserves a little something for a job well done. Recognize teacher participation with a gift card to purchase classroom materials, and offer students bonus points on their next math exam. If you’re recycling at an elementary school, we have already thought of five great ways to reward your little eco-crusaders.

An Extra Tip… Just For Kicks!

Looking for an easy way to promote recycling to the teachers at your school? Create a flashy flyer to tuck into their mailboxes. While you are at it, toss one of these in there too!

Good luck out there!


How do you make FundingFactory present at your school? Leave it in the comments below.



Fundraising just the beginning. FundingFactory launched Syllabuy.co, an online marketplace for educators to find free lessons, and buy and sell original classroom activities. Just another way to spend your FundingFactory funds!


Posted June 19, 2014 by Sarah in FundingFactory News, Fundraising, Recycling, Uncategorized

Celebrate Earth Day with EcoBuddies Free Common Core Lesson Plans

ecobuddies free lesson plans for earth day


 Earth Day is only a few days away – is your classroom prepared?

Last year, we introduced the EcoBuddies to the world on Earth Day with free Common Core lesson plans for PreK-5 classrooms. This year, we’ve added lessons for middle school classrooms, too! Not only that, EcoBuddies is now available to anyone, not just registered FundingFactory recyclers.

We’re opening up the EcoBuddies experience so more classrooms can experience e-waste awareness with our fun and friendly characters. Besides, the best way to start a collection program is to ask the question, “Why is recycling e-waste important?”

EcoBuddies cross-curricular environmental education program includes lesson plans, classroom activities, worksheets, and quizzes. Our cute, colorful wildlife characters enliven the program and engage students throughout the standards-aligned curriculum.

Get EcoBuddies free common core lesson plans when you sign up to receive email updates from Syllabuy, FundingFactory’s latest program!

EcoBuddies Syllabuy Landing
Download Free Lesson Plans Here


More Educator Resources Launching This Summer

EcoBuddies are just the beginning. FundingFactory is soon to launch Syllabuy.co, an online marketplace for educators to find free lessons, and buy and sell original classroom activities.


Posted April 16, 2014 by Erika in FundingFactory News, Green News, Recycling

FundingFactory’s Top 3 Highlights of 2013

blog 3

What an outstanding 2013 we had at FundingFactory!  Our recyclers collected a record-breaking 3,709,463 cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics for recycling, and as a result, raised more than $2 million for diverse, worthwhile initiatives. 

So many exciting things happened in 2013 – and we’ve just got to brag about some of our favorites!

Here are our Top 3 highlights of the year:

ecobuddies blog

#1 EcoBuddies make their Earth Day debut

Recycling alone isn’t enough; it’s our responsibility to help kids understand the environmental impact of e-waste and develop eco-friendly habits. That’s why we launched EcoBuddies™, a curriculum companion to FundingFactory’s fundraising-by-recycling program. A collaborative project between FundingFactory, the curriculum designers at The Education Center, and local artist Heather Cash, EcoBuddies provides preK-8 educators free, common core-aligned lesson plans and activities to raise e-waste awareness and empower lasting recycling behaviors.

carbonfund blog

#2 “Act of Green” results in 331,270 items recycled, 3,313 trees planted

In honor of Earth Day 2013, FundingFactory pledged to plant one tree for every 100 items collected during the month of April. Our goal was to plant 3,000 trees, but we received 331,270 items – almost 100,000 more than the previous year! As a result, we planted 3,313 trees with the CarbonFund.org Foundation and helped to fight climate change through reforestation projects.

Manteca High School

#3 Manteca High School wins 4th Annual Recycling Rumble

By collecting 6,535 recyclable items February 1 – April 30, Manteca High School earned $3,268, an iPad, and top honors in FundingFactory’s 2013 Recycling Rumble. Manteca’s winnings helped stock the shelves of the MHS Empty Cartridge Exchange Store with classroom supplies like paper, pens, printers, DVD players, calculators, and thumb drives.

  • FUN FACT: Their store uses Qualifying Items as currency. What a creative way to collect!

While 2013 had its incredible moments, we’re even MORE excited to share the surprises in store for 2014. Keep an eye on FundingFactory social media to get the latest news! A BIG thank you to our participants for their hard work and dedication as they continue to recycle with us. Together, we’re spearheading the Eco-Revolution. Won’t you join us?

What are you doing to go green? Tell us about it in the comments below.


Want to make 2014 your greenest year ever? Whether you’re a college or university, or looking to recycle your school’s tablets or laptops in bulk, we’ll help you get started!


Posted April 15, 2014 by Sarah in FundingFactory News, Fundraising, Green News

6 Places Money is Hiding in Your Community

blog pic monkey template 2

This year, 1,076 schools, clubs, and organizations are taking part in our BIGGEST promotion of the year, the Recycling Rumble.

To help our rumblers race to the finish, we have created a score-boosting Business Support Bonus. That means that for every new Business Supporter that you recruit, you’ll earn a $10 bonus*! PLUS, for every Qualifying Item that they send on your behalf you’ll earn double the Rumble Points!

As your biggest fan, we want to help you get that bonus and emerge victorious in the ring! Here is a knock-out list of places in your community to that could assist in your big win:

  1. Accounting Firms
  2. Banks
  3. Grocery Stores
  4. Hospitals
  5. Insurance Companies
  6. Law Offices

TIP: Go National! Don’t limit yourself to your backyard. Business Support can come from your cousin’s business in Boston or your brother’s bakery in Buffalo.

Here’s the silver lining to all of this: Business Support doesn’t stop at the Rumble. Once obtained, that company can continue to recycle items in your school or organization’s name for as long as you recycle with FundingFactory. We can think of no other worthy investment than that!

What are you waiting for? Get off your computer and into your community. Business Support could be just down the street. All you have to do is ask!



Do you have another suggestion for a place to find Business Support in your community? Leave it in the comments below!

It may be too late to sign up for Recycling Rumble 2014, but it’s never too late for our FREE fundraising-thru-recycling program! Register today to help your school earn funds for new technology, like a MakerBot 3D printer!

*Business Supporter must make a qualifying a shipment within six months of registration for your school or organization to receive the $10 bonus.

Posted March 26, 2014 by Sarah in Fundraising, Recycling

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